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Modern Flight Training and
Aircraft Rental at a Time-Honored Airport.

About Us

Oscar 41 Aviators is a flying club founded by a group of professional aviators. Our mission is to share our passion for aviation by providing high quality flight instruction in a diverse fleet of well equipped, well maintained aircraft.

Beyond providing the basics of instruction and rental, we aspire to provide a comfortable, clean, welcoming aviation learning environment, a place where you can share aviation experiences with friends and mentors, and meet new folks enjoying the journey of mastering aviation skills and new technology.

Watts-Woodland Airport (O41) is a unique setting for a flying club and flight school. It is a private owned, public use airport, located 20 miles west of Sacramento.


We are a new flying club, with a deep rooted heritage. Our name describes our reason for being - we exist to mentor, teach and build up Aviators. Based at the Watts-Woodland Airport, the FAA designator code for our airport is O41. “O” in the aviation phonetic alphabet followed by the number 41. O41 is the oldest continuously operated, privately owned, public use airport in the US "We think..."

To learn more, visit www.watts-woodlandairport.com for our history that dates back to 1919!

Notice the V-Tailed Beechcraft Bonanza in the our logo? This iconic airplane is key part of our long Beechcraft heritage beginning with the founding of the original Woodland Aviation by Milton Watts in 1952. Going further back in history, the red shadow of the bi-plane in the background signifies the working agricultural aircraft that used this field. The Travel-Air, Stearman and Ag-Cat were all working planes you would find on this very airstrip dating as far back as 1919. Milt Watts’ original fascination with Beechcraft began with the beautiful Beech Staggerwing bi-plane he picked up for the Navy around 1943.

The word Aviator (from Naval Aviator) is a term of respect for those that have completed a course of training and have qualified as a pilot.

Beyond merely piloting an aircraft, a true Aviator seeks to become one with the airplane and the sky. Aviator culture is deep rooted: anticipating the subtle reactions of aircraft controls, understanding the aerodynamics of how airfoils are interacting with the relative wind at that moment in time... These are not only learned from experience, but also born within the soul of the pilot.

Do you want to be an Aviator?